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Our story? It’s actually pretty ordinary, but definitely one that's filled with lots of love and laughter!


Just a group of long time friends (who have apparently been friends for way too long) catching up over dinner on a casual Friday night…


Little did we know that was when it all started.  We are quite a diverse bunch of “unique” individuals; a doctor, a consultant, a food entrepreneur, a jewelry designer and an occasional interior decorator who shared absolutely nothing in common but a love for food. That evening we were all brought together by the opening of a new restaurant in Bangkok (told ya we take our food very seriously!).


Over dinner we were just discussing about this new craze for ‘Fried Fish Skins’ that had become somewhat of a fad in Asia. Being a group of health conscious foodies that we are, we started thinking of how we can make snacks less guilty (cause you know, every one’s gotta binge-snack, especially when you’re hooked up on that latest Netflix series). And it just so happened that one of the side dishes on the menu was mung beans! Kudos to that restaurant who gave us the idea of turning mung beans into mung bean chips (and hence our “Just like chips, but better…” slogan).  And the rest is ancient history…


So that's how the story of Mungo Bean Farm began. As non-conformist foodies, we sure have a stance to take when it comes to our values. At Mungo Bean Farm, we celebrate diversity and, like the 5 of us, we believe each bean is different and unique in its own way! 


So start eating well and living well today and don’t forget to #MunchWithoutGuilt !




Mungo Bean Farm

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